Nardone Dolciarie is a young craft company. It starts its activity in 2004 and today is the leading company of a group holding that since 1967 has worked in the field of the bakery and pastry trades. So it has an old tradition and a firm experience in this economic sector.
In our workshop thanks to an handcraft method and using high quality raw materials a great number of natural pastries, free of preservatives, is produced. From the best loved and tastiest pastries to the seasonable and traditional ones.

The company has a widespread and well-organized distribution network in Italy and in Europe direct to retailing and distribution industry.
Chief Executive of “Le Dolci Tradizioni” is Mr. Diodato Nardone, who assisted by his skilled staff, contributes to the success of every single product selecting the high quality raw materials on the market.

Ingredients of our recipes are: Flour - Sugar - Butter - Eggs - Flavouring
Other ingredients like chocolate, raisins, coconut flakes, graines of nuts, honey, cherry jam, apricot jam, black cherry jam, cranberry jam, lemon cream and hazelnut cream are added to this basic recipe from time to time.

With the passing of time and thanks to the experience the Company points to the high quality and the innovation respecting the tradition of the bakery and pastry trades. An automated working environment, comfortable and healthy, where the most reliable and innovative technologies work with great skill in order to produce a high-quality product and service for the consumer.

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